Sign Photo Gallery

1st Meeting Sign on Skate Creek Road
1st Meeting Sign on the Skate Creek Road, Oswegatchie


Here are various signs that can be found around our town.  Some of them give a little bit of history.  Some of them mark some great hiking trails or points of interest.  See if you can go out and find them!
Trailhead marker at Route 3 & Sunny Lake Road
Forest Fire Sign on Oswegatchie Trail Road
Star Lake sign on Route 3 by Todd's Supply
Wanakena Sign just coming into the "hamlet"
Sign telling the history of Wanakena
Saw on top of the safe in the "hamlet" of Wanakena
The James F. Dubuar Forest on Route 3 heading towards Wanakena
Ranger School sign on Route 3
Sign to remember the Microburst that hit in 1995. This sign is on the Ranger School Road in Wanakena
Believe it or not - we are in the Adirondack Park
This sign is on Oswegatchie Trail
Fishing and car top boat access site on Route 3 & Youngs Road in Star Lake
Clifton-Fine Golf Course
Cathedral Rock
The Ranger Tower
Sign at the Town Hall in the hamlet of Fine



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