The town board consists of the town supervisor and four councilpersons that, as a group, are the executive, administrative and legislative body of the town.  The town board acts as a unit and must function as a body.  An individual board member may not unilaterally act on behalf of the town board.  Each town board member has no more or no less authority than any other board member.  No single member of the town board can act for or commit the board to any particular action or policy.                


    The town board adopts the budget, taxes real property, fixes salaries, determines rates of compensation, establishes policies and rules of procedure, audits claim vouchers (bills), appoints appropriate employees, provides for town improvements and conducts the town's business functions. 


    A high personal responsibility rests on individual town board members to exercise careful consideration in making important decisions which will affect the lives of town residents, employees and businesses.  

Supervisor Connie Snider ()
Phone: (315) 848-3121 ext 305
Councilman Philip Giardino ()
Phone: (315) 848-3562
Councilman Peter Kerr
Phone: 315-848-3160
Councilman Jeremy Thompson ()
Phone: (315)848-2875
Councilman William Powers
Phone: 315-848-3494
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